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Honors of the Association

The recipient must be a LSHA member in good standing for two years prior to receiving the award.

The recipient named as receiving Honors of the Association should have at least 10 years of active service to LSHA, including holding office and/or committee work.

The recipient should have made outstanding contributions in no less than 5 of these 10 areas: Clinical service in private practice or in private or public institutions, publications, teaching, clinical supervision, liaison with other professions/agencies, legislative activities, service to LSHA, service to other professional organizations (ASHA, LBESPA, etc.), program administration, research.

Award Winners:

1978 Jeanette Laguaite

1981 Frances Billeaud

1984 Pam Handy, Vince Byers

1987 Mary Pannbacker, Ila Monteleone

1988 Joseph Melcher, Dianne Orlesh

1989 Glenn Waguespack

1990 Paul Miller

1991 David Irwin

1992 Martin Audiffred, Kelmer Baxter

1993 Linda Rose, Wendy Powers

1994 Denise Taylor

1995 Gay Veckovius

1996 Vickie Irwin

1997 Theresa Rodgers

1998 Janet Norris

1999 Karen Ditty, Nina Simmons Mackie

2000 Betty Jackson

2001 Mrs. Norma O. Johnson

2002 Tania Griener

2003 Barbara Batchelor

2004 Paula Currie

2005 Stephen J. Harris

2007 Kerri Phillips, Janna Oetting

2009 M. Christy Fontenot

2010 Diane Whittington

2012 Annemarie Clancy, Stephen Mire, Nancye Roussel, PhD, Lynn Bourgeois

2013 Emily Homer, Flavia Eldridge, Rita Keller, Lillian Stiegler, Shalini Arehole

2014 Julie Andries

2016 Dr. Donna M. Fitzgerald-DeJean, Shelley Chesney, Susan Lemonier

2023 Ramona Bonnette

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