Jeannette Laguaite Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize persons who have demonstrated outstanding service to Speech-Language Pathology or Audiology in a setting of Higher Education while also serving as an active contributing member of LSHA.

The recipient must be a member in good standing of LSHA for two years immediately prior to receiving the award.

The recipient must be or have been a member of a faculty of an institution of higher education in Louisiana for at least 5 years. (Part time faculty may be considered.)

The recipient must be or have been active in the field of Speech-Language Pathology or Audiology for at least 10 years and have made outstanding contributions in at least 3 of the following areas: Publications, Teaching, Clinical

Supervision, Research, Program Administration, Collaboration with other professionals/agencies.

Award Winners:

2002 David Irwin

2003 Joe Melcher

2004 J. Clarice Dans

2005 Mary Pannbacker

2006 Amelia Hudson

2007 Frances Billeaud

2008 Janna Oetting

2014 Jack Damico

2017 Lillian Stiegler

2018 Nancye Roussel

2019 Meher Banajee

2021 Christine Weill

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